Education is the key to progress: AJK president


RAWALKOT: Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) President Sardar Masood Khan said that teachers and educators should impart value-based education to mold students into responsible citizens of the country.

He was addressing to students of Government Girls Intermediate College Tain Sairi in Rawalakot district

“We should teach our children to be honest, truthful, punctual, resilient and self- confident to make sure that they grow up with a firm understanding of right and wrong through learning of morals and principles,”, the president said.

Emphasising that social values like honesty, fairness and respect for others bring peace and order in the society that leads to progress and prosperity, the president added that education without moral and social values will lead us nowhere.

Praising the students for their eagerness and passion for knowledge, the president said that individuals with such zeal are destined to reaching the zenith of success and shouldering the responsibility to change the fate of the nation.

President Masood Khan said that problems always come with opportunities and only those succeed that have the courage to overcome the problems and seize the opportunities for their future generations.

While assuring the management of the school that their problems will be appropriately addressed, Sardar Masood urged the members of community, students and teachers to adopt a constructive approach based on reason to get their problems resolved.

Stating that students and teachers are architects of the future, the AJK president urged them to equip themselves with the requisite courage, knowledge and skill to change the destiny of the nation and never lend ears to those who create doubts and despondencies about the future of the nation.

Earlier, the AJK president visited the Rural Health Center Tain Sairi where he was apprised about the condition of the building and unavailability of doctors and medicines by the members of the community. However, Director General Health Services Dr Sabir Abbasi who was present on the occasion told the president that two doctors, one male and one female, along with the 16-member supporting staff are performing their responsibilities satisfactorily. He, however, informed the president that the centres lack medicines, causing problems for the people of the area.