Increase in cases of dog bites sparks fear among locals in Rahim Yar Khan: report


RAHIM YAR KHAN: Stray dogs in various localities of Rahim Yar Khan are causing fear and unease among the locals as an increase in bite cases have been noted, local media reports have informed.

The population of stray dogs has become a menace for people in many areas creating a hazard for those venturing out on the streets. People, in particular senior citizens, are not able to go outside their houses because they cannot walk briskly enough or run to outpace the dogs that bark and chase them. Young children are also afraid.

To make matters worse, an increase in the dog bites have been noted and such cases are reported at hospitals on a daily basis. Hundreds of residents and passersby are suffering as a result.

The population of stray dogs has increased to such an extent that they roam around busy commercial areas and bus stops causing the people to live in constant fear.

Locals informed media outlets that several complaints regarding dog attacks had been lodged, but the officials concerned paid no heed to the matter and whatever little effort was being made was not satisfactory.

The locals maintained that the government should devise a strategy to cull stray dogs and provide relief to the people. They also demanded the government register cases against negligent officials and take action against them for their failure in controlling increasing dog bite incidents.