Armeena Khan schools former London mayor Boris Johnson on freedom of choice


Former London mayor and British former foreign secretary Boris Johnson in a recent interview commented that Muslim women wearing full-face veils “look like letterboxes” and compared them to “bank robbers”, adding that he found it “absolutely ridiculous.”

Johson’s comments did not go down well with the general public and British-Pakistani actor Armeena Khan, who is usually very vocal on such matters, took to Twitter to emphasise that a woman has the right to wear whatever she is comfortable in.

“Yet another privileged middle-aged bloke telling women what they can and can’t wear. If a woman wants to wear a burqa, it’s her right Mr Boris Johnson. It is her RIGHT to choose which goes hand in hand with British values,” wrote Khan.

She added, “If a woman wants to wear a short dress, it is her right and freedom to do so. If a woman wants to wear a burqa it is her right to do so. I will defend the basic principle which is the right to choose.”

Armeena was not the only one who commented on the matter. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said, “I think Boris Johnson used language in describing people’s appearance that has obviously caused offence. It was the wrong language to use. He should not have used it.”

May suggested that Boris should apologise for his insensitive comments.

Sharing May’s comments, Armeena said, “And there we are… the freedom to choose.”