Zainab murder case: ATC sentences Imran Ali to life imprisonment

  • Zainab’s murderer sentenced to life imprisonment for rape, murder

LAHORE: An Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) on Wednesday sentenced Imran Ali to life imprisonment for the rape and murder of six-year-old girl Zainab Amin earlier this year.

The verdict was announced by ATC Judge Justice Sajjad Ahmed after listening to the arguments presented by prosecutor Abdul Rauf Watto.

The convict who was incarcerated and on death row for the rape and murder of Zainab and is now sentenced to life imprisonment on three counts for the rape and murder of one other girl.

According to the judgement, Ali has been sentenced to imprisonment for life on three counts, sentenced to ten years prison on two counts, and sentenced to three years prison on one count. He has also been fined Rs3.55 million and ordered to pay Rs2.05 million as diyat to the family.

Ali, from Kasur, was found to be involved in at least nine incidents of rape-cum-murder of minors, including Zainab, which he had confessed to during her murder investigation.

The court has so far announced the verdicts in seven cases, whereas decision on two more cases remain pending against Ali.

Ali was found guilty under Sections 364-A, 377, 324, 336 and 411 of the Pakistan Penal Code and Section 7(c) of the Anti-Terrorism Act, 1997.

Earlier, he was handed the death penalty on 12 counts for the rape and murder of three other girls. In another trial held inside a prison, Ali was handed the death penalty on five more counts for the rape and murder of two other girls.

Earlier, the Lahore High Court (LHC) had also dismissed the convict’s appeal challenging the capital punishment. On February 17, an ATC had sentenced Imran to death on four counts with a cumulative punishment of 32-years in prison and a Rs3.1 million fine for raping and killing the minor.

The brutal rape and murder of Zainab had sparked outrage and protests across the country. Thousands of people took to the streets while two people lost their lives during the protests in Kasur. #JusticeForZainab became the most popular hashtag on social media and people from all walks of life demanded the immediate arrest and punishment of the culprit.

Zainab went missing on January 4 and her body was found in a heap of garbage near her house on January 9. The public demand for the immediate arrest of the culprit resulted in an unprecedented search in which almost all law enforcement and intelligence agencies took part. A large pool of suspects was probed, besides carrying out DNA profiling of more than 1,100 people.

On Jan 23, police took Imran into custody and secured his 16-day physical remand for investigation. On February 9, police submitted challan to the ATC and charged him with the rape and serial killing of minor girls, including Zainab.


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