US ambassador, Imran Khan discuss US-Pak relationship at Bani Gala


ISLAMABAD: The acting Ambassador of the United States (US) to Pakistan, John Hoover on Wednesday called on prime minister (PM) in-waiting Imran Khan at Banigala to discuss Pak-US relations and matters of mutual interest.

The US Ambassador while congratulating Imran Khan over the victory of his party in elections 2018 expressed willingness to improve relations between Pakistan and the United States.

During the conversation, Imran Khan said “Tehreek-e-Insaf is adamant to establish good relations with the US based on mutual trust and respect. We view Pak-US relations in terms of trade and economic matters, to be significant.”

Commenting on Afghanistan, Imran said “A stable Afghanistan is beneficial for all; US, Pakistan and the region. There have been many ups and downs in Pak-US relations due to trust issues between both countries”.

“It is pleasant to see voices raised from the US also in favour of a political solution for the Afghan war. War and use of military force have never been the solution for Afghanistan’s situation”.

“Pakistan has always wished for a stable & peaceful Afghanistan. I have always pushed for a political solution for the Afghan war”.