Police provided incorrect facts about raped, murdered Cholistani girls: Forensic expert


BAHAWALNAGAR: Contrary to the police’s initial report, the three minor girls found dead in Fort Abbas town in Cholistan desert area on June 13 were raped before being murdered.

According to a sub-committee report presented to the Standing Committee of Senate on Wednesday, the girls—aged 12, nine and six— did not die of natural causes as claimed by the police earlier.

In the report, forensic expert Dr Waqas claims that the evidence presented by the police was incorrect. The samples taken from the bodies were not sent in a secured manner to the laboratory. “It seems as if the samples were wasted intentionally,” he noted, adding that the police should provide complete protection to the lady doctor and her husband conducting the postmortem.

Following the subcommittee’s briefing, the standing committee suggested that a case should be registered against the officers who hid the facts. Federal and provincial governments should form a joint-investigation team (JIT) to probe into the incident, adding that the JIT should be headed by an officer holding the post of AIG.

Furthermore, Senator Rehman Malik, who was present during the briefing, questioned how the deputy commissioner claimed that the girls died a natural death.

A case has been registered against unidentified people, said the police. Over which Senator Rana Maqbool remarked that the incident occurred three months ago but FIR was registered only two days ago.

Senator Azam Swati remarked that the police officers who tried to hide the facts should be suspended.