Mehwish Hayat, Fahad Mustafa’s ‘Actor in Law’ to screen in Mumbai in honour of the late Om Puri


Pakistani film Actor in Law starring Fahad Mustafa, Mehwish Hayat and the late veteran Bollywood actor Om Puri is all set to get a special screening in Mumbai.

Though most Pakistani films rarely make it across the border due to tensions, Actor in Law was scheduled to premiere in India but got postponed due to Puri’s death in early 2017.

According to reports in the Indian media, Harkisan Mehta Institute will be holding a special screening of the movie for its students in honour of late actor.

The screening is for an event organised by Om Puri’s foundation and the will be a part of the inauguration of the Om Puri Foundation.

According to media reports, the team of the film was also invited for the event but since they are busy with the release of their upcoming film, Load Wedding, they are unable to make it.

Earlier this year the movie was premiered at a film festival in Rajisthan.

Puri played a very prominent role in the movie and Actor In Law was one of his last movies before his untimely death. The Indian actor visited Pakistan with regard to the film and reports claim that he did not charge a single penny for the film.