ECP uploads all forms containing election results on its website

  • Form 45 can be downloaded from ECP’s website

ISLAMABAD: The Elec­tion Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Wednesday uploaded all forms containing the results data from the July 25 general elections on its website.

An ECP official said that their responsibility has been fulfilled and the results are out for the nation to see.

Furthermore, “those who were unable to get Form 45 could now download it from the commission’s website,” the official added.

The electoral body issued a press release stating that “the results prepared by presiding officers are available on the site as Form 45”.

Form 45 is the ‘Result of the Count’ showing the number of valid votes for each contesting candidate and ballot papers excluded from the count.

Earlier, it had been reported that a number of political parties had cried foul, especially on election day, that their “political agents were not issued Form 45s after the counting of votes and that rigging may have possibly taken place”.

Furthermore, Form 46, which is an account of the ballot papers, and the Provisional Consolidated Statement of Results form (Form 47) have also been uploaded to the ECP site, along with Form 48, the Consolidated Statement of Results of the Count, and Form 49, the Final Consolidated Result form.

Earlier, after a summary of issuing notifications to successful candidates was approved by the chief election commissioner, the documents were uploaded on the electoral body’s website.

It was reported that the notifications to successful candidates from reserved seats will be issued after the final list of positions of political parties is compiled. Candidates from reserved seats will be notified within two days after independent candidates join political parties.

According to the electoral body, political parties have submitted their lists of preferences for reserved seats.

After the notification of candidates for the special seats is issued, the president will summon NA’s session. The newly-elected parliamentarians will take an oath and elect the speaker and leader of the house in the same session.

The governors of all the four provinces will summon the session of provincial assemblies according to the rules.

It is worth mentioning that polls were delayed on two seats of the NA and six of provincial assemblies. Elections for these seats will be held within 60 days after newly-elected members of the national and provincial assemblies take the oath.



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