Pakistani screenwriter Asma Nabeel pens lyrics for Kajol’s ‘Helicopter Eela’


Asma Nabeel, the creative genius behind popular dramas like Khaani and Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and Pakistani film Maan Jao Naa has recently added another feather in her cap.

The acclaimed screenwriter has made her Bollywood songwriter debut with a song for Kajol’s upcoming film Helicopter Eela.

Sharing her excitement on social media, Asma wrote, “Indeed an emotional moment for me,” continuing with a line from the song, “Tu gaya tu ruki saari sansain… mar bhi jayain tu ab nahi koi gham.”

“My first ever song in an Indian film and shot on one of my favourites the one and only Kajol. Thank you Dada, Pradeep Sarkar and Panchali Sarkar bhabi,” she added.

According to reports, Nabeel previously worked with Helicopter Eela director Pradeep Sarkar on a few commercials when she was in advertising. Sarkar really liked Nabeel’s urdu and her writing and when his film hit floors and Nabeel wrote this song, he loved it, as did the producers.

The writer also revealed that Shilpa Rao will be performing her song.

Helicopter Eela features Kajol as an overprotective mother who leaves her singing career to go back to college, that too her son’s.

The film is scheduled to release on September 7.