Ahad Raza Mir opens up on his relationship with Sajal Aly


Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir set our screens on fire with their award-winning TV drama, Yakeen ka Safar and the audiences absolutely cannot wait for them to light up the screens once again with their upcoming period drama Aangan.

While fans continue to ship the two together and rumours of the two being a couple are afloat, there has been no official confirmation of the relationship from the two. Moreso, the families of both Ahad and Sajal continue to tease our sentiments by posting pictures of the two and celebrating their achievements.

However, in a recent interview with BBC Asian Network, while promoting his upcoming film, Ahad finally opened up on his equation with Sajal and shed some light on their relationship.

Though Ahad did not outrightly deny the existence of a relationship, on the possibility of it being there, he said, “I don’t know, maybe time will tell,” adding, “I’ve met Sajal at a really good time in my life. She knows me for who I am, which I think is a beautiful thing. I’ve loved working with her. Apart from that, she’s a very special individual.”

Sharing more on his work dynamics with Sajal, Mir remarked, “I think the best part of working together is that we work the same way. We approach things the same way. We see our work the same way, so maybe that’s why people enjoy our chemistry so much.”

Talking about how their families are always cheering for them, Ahad laughed and said, “I think we’re both huge supporters of each other. My family is a big supporter of her. We love her, we love her work. She’s a fantastic person.”

Considering the fact that every director is trying to sign the two of them together, it is possible that people may tire of the two. On this Ahad said, “I’m not scared of it (the onscreen pairing) getting exhausted, but I do fear of people capitalising on it.”

“But here’s the thing: you might get Ahad and Sajal in a drama together but you’ll get us at a very different angle. You’re not getting the same thing. So, I think with Aangan, if people are expecting Yakeen Ka Safar, they should get ready for something else.”