Water shortage in Sindh causing problems for framers: report


DERA MURAD JAMALI: The shortage of water in the Nasirabad division as Sindh is not releasing water as per quota of Balochistan from the Indus River is affecting the Kharif crops in the area, a local media house reported.

The farmers of Nasirabad, Jaffarabad and Subatpur districts are unable to start the sowing of rice and other crops due to the shortage of water in the canals and their distributaries.

Moreover, it was reported that the officials in the Balochis¬tan irrigation department complained that Sindh was not cooperating with them in this regard.

Balochistan canal system’s chief engineer Abdul Sattar Lakhti was quoted in the report saying that “during the Kharif season the province’s water quota in Pat Feeder canal from Gudu Barrage was 6,700 cusecs, but the Sindh irrigation authorities were releasing only 5,434 cusecs”.

Similarly, the Khertar canal was getting 1,675 cusecs of water instead of 2,410 cusecs from Sukkur Barrage.

The Zamindar Asso¬ciation asked the Balo¬chistan government and Irsa to take notice of the situation and resolve the water crisis in Nasirabad division without further delay.