#StopAnimalAbuse: Protest against animal abuse held in Lahore


LAHORE: In light of the recent animal abuse incidents that surfaced amid the ongoing the election craze, animal rights activists along with Better Pakistan organised a protest against the same outside the Lahore Press Club on Sunday.

It was attended by people sharing the same love for animals along with activists to raise awareness about the animal rights in Pakistan. Moreover, it was to change the perception of animals in the society and show them as the loving creatures that they are.

Animal rights activist Sarah Gandapur said that the protest is actually a peace walk to highlight the issue of animal rights in the country.

“Our campaign ‘Stop Animal Abuse’ seeks to change society’s perception of animals. Donkeys, dogs and wild boars are the unfortunate targets of often extreme abuse in the country’s rallies and protests,” she said.

Gandapur added that “torture of animals during the recent election time was not the first time that an animal was tortured or killed. The practice of bringing helpless creatures out to the large public gatherings – a form of torture for many wild animals in itself – continued with next to no criticism”.

Through this campaign, she said, they wanted to educate the people and put pressure on the government pay attention to the issue.

Better Pakistan, Chairman, Kashf Shah also added to Gandapur’s comment saying, “Through this campaign, we aim to create a relationship between humans and animals.”

“Pakistan does not have any laws preventing cruelty to animals. We request the government to make proper law for rights of animals,” Shah said.


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