ECP to issue notification of all successful candidates on August 7


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan will issue a notification of all successful candidates on August 7. According to the ECP, independent candidates will have to join any political party within three days of their notification.

Notification regarding successful candidates against reserved seats will be issued on Wednesday. The number of seats won by all political parties in Election 2018 will become clear by Tuesday.

Previously, the speakers of the respective assemblies used to give three days to the successful independent candidates after taking their oath. Now, under the Election Act 2017, first, they have to declare their party affiliation if any to the ECP prior to taking their oath.

This has made easier for the ECP in deciding cases relating to disqualification of any member under the defection clause as he/she will become vulnerable to disqualification after submitting bonds to the ECP about their party affiliation.

Also, the ECP will notify lists of special seats including seats for women and the minorities gained by each political party in the assembly as per their respective tally very next day its issuance of final notifications of all the successful candidates.

The sessions of assemblies will be summoned after notifications of all successful candidates are issued.