Traffic warden beaten in Murree for stopping illegal parking


A traffic warden was severely thrashed by transporters in Murree on Sunday for issuing a ticket to the driver of an illegally parked vehicle.

Police said that the driver of Suzuki pick-up truck had wrongly parked his vehicle in main Murree city at Sunny Bank Chowk when warden Afzaal told him to move his car as it was blocking the traffic.

On driver’s refusal to move his car, the warden after waiting for a few minutes demanded his documents in order to issue him a ticket. The driver allegedly tried to run over the warden at first and then started beating him.

Other local drivers also joined him in manhandling and beating the official. Other traffic officials, who tried to intervene, were also beaten by the drivers.

Rawalpindi Chief Traffic Officer SSP Muhammad Bin Ashraf said two officials were beaten up by the local drivers. He added that an FIR was being registered against the culprits, who he vowed would be taken to task.

Murree Police said warden Afzaal was also hit with an iron rod and received injuries to his head and face. His uniform was also torn down by the drivers.

Police said that local drivers often wrongly park their vehicles and cars at Sunny Bank Chowk which leads to traffic congestion and blocking in the famous tourist destination.