Caretakers remained impartial, says CM Askari


LAHORE: Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab Dr Hasan Askari Rizvi said that the interim government remained impartial and vigilantly fulfilled its national responsibility by taking steps to conduct free and fair elections as well as to ensure law and order by providing safety to the life and property of the public.

He further shared that all departments have played their proactive part to make it possible. It was teamwork and all concerned departments have fulfilled their obligations.

Dr Askari said that the timely organisation of peaceful, transparent and independent elections was a huge challenge for the caretakers and they succeeded as the entire team fulfilled its responsibility with passion and determination.

He said that interim government was given the responsibility to conduct free, transparent and independent elections which was fulfilled honestly as per the promise. “With the cooperation of the public, caretaker government of Punjab has successfully completed the phase of organising fair elections,” he added.

The CM said that all parties have been provided with a level planning field in order to ensure transparent and free elections. He said that Pakistani people had independently used their right to vote. He said that the hard-work of caretaker government has yielded the fruit of continuity in the democratic process.


CM Askari has expressed a deep sense of sorrow and grief over the fatal traffic accident at Kohat Indus Highway near Lachi which has costed precious human lives. He profoundly commiserated with the bereaved families of deceased.

While praying for the quick recovery of those who injured in the accident, Dr Askari said that the sympathies were with the families who lost their loved ones while the government stood closely with them in this hour of anguish.