Bakers making bicolour cakes for Azadi festivities


ISLAMABAD: With the Independence Day approaching, bakeries all across the Islamabad city wore a festive look as people came out in large numbers for placing advance booking orders for special bicolor Cakes to celebrate Azadi day with their loved ones.

The bakery shops witnessed a heavy rush of customers as people started preparing for the Independence Day. Food has always been an integral part of the local culture and since it does not get more Pakistani than binging on food, restaurants and bakeries all over the country have geared up to honour 71 glorious years of the independence with much patriotic fervour.

“So we make the most of these discounts and give your taste buds a patriotic spin and celebrate freedom with food,” said manager at a local restaurant. “Our branches around the city have recorded a 50 percent increase in sales. We have to cater to a large number of clients who have booked their orders in advance for Azadi day celebrations,” he said.

“We know that independence days are such special occasions for expatriates so our bakers worked 24-hour split shifts to get the orders,” another manager said. People prefer to buy cakes and sweets from reputed bakery as no one want to take risk on the special occasion, Azam, a citizen, said.

“Buying sweets and cakes for I-D is simply obligatory and we have already placed orders to celebrate Azadi festival with full zeal”, said Hamid, a customer. Celebration cakes from everything for a new job to graduations and anniversary dates are one of life’s enjoyable treats, said a 23 year old girl at the bakery while placing an advance order.

“Baking a moist and delicious two-layer cake with a surprise of color inside adds to the excitement of Independence Day,” said baking expert. “When cut, this cake reveals patriotic colors with each layer one green, one white.” Saad Naeem said, “I have placed an order for a cake based on Independence day theme. I plan to celebrate the day with my family and friends.” A mother said that it was a delicious way of making children aware about the history of Pakistan and the importance of the day.

Azadi dresses become popular: As Independence Day fast approaching, people have made their way to various markets and stalls to shop specially designed clothes have managed to attract the masses largely women and children alike are really excited to see attractive clothes, all cover in the national colours of green and white.

Keeping up with the spirit of the Independence Day, along with bunting, badges, balloons, stickers, flags and other stuff, Azadi dresses both for boys and girls of green and white colour have become an essential items of Jashan-Azadi celebrations. Whether its in local stores or malls, the bazaars, markets and footpaths are filled with green and white colour dresses to attract the customers.

Contrary to popular belief however, this time clothing with reference to 14th August have taken the market by storm. Sales have gone up dramatically ever since the introduction of patriotic clothes, said Asma Iman, a citizen. T-shirts displaying various slogans like “Jashan e Azaadi” and “Pakistan Zindabad” have become insanely popular, a shopkeeper said.

For the ladies , however, white shirts with green embroidery and green Kurtis with a touch of white have gained popularity as well, he added. The shopkeepers are very satisfied with the way their sales have gone up, another shopkeeper said. “We try our best to keep the customers satisfied by introducing the latest designs in the market. So far, the results are really good with respect to sales,” he said.


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