Dr Fehmida stands defeated from PS-73 after recounting


KARACHI: The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) leader and former National Assembly speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza on Saturday stood defeated from PS-73 against Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Taj Muhammad Mallah after a recounting of votes was done on her application.

Earlier in July 25 elections, Mallah was declared winner against Dr Mirza with a 280-vote lead. He had polled 37,645 votes against her 37,364 votes.

However, she had rejected the results citing “massive rigging and electoral irregularities”.

On Dr Mirza’s request, a recounting process was started in PS-73, that was marred by heated arguments between opposing parties. However, it emerged today that Mirza had lost to Mallah by 896 votes, as she gathered 36,321 votes while the latter received 37,217 votes.

Separately, the petitions filed by Dr Fahmida Mirza seeking stoppage of recounting of votes in NA-230 & PS-73  were dismissed on Saturday.

As per media reports, the hearing of petitions regarding stopping the recount in NA-230 & PS-73 by former National Assembly Speaker Dr Fehmida Mirza were held in Sindh High Court (SHC).

The court rejected the petition of Dr Fehmida regarding stopping the re-count of votes on both National and provincial seats. The court ordered to continue the process of re-counting.



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