Tens of thousands of presiding officers disappeared on election night


Tens of thousands of Presiding Officers (PO) disappeared and failed to reach the offices of Residing Officers (RO) on July 25 after the polling process was completed, a local media outlet reported on Thursday.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) officials, the presiding officers disappeared for one night.

Reports suggest that the counting process was completed by 10 pm on July 25 and the ECP head’s monitoring room started receiving data from across the country. However, incoming data stopped at approximately 12 am. While there could possibly be a number of reasons for the collapse, the reason behind tens of thousands of presiding officers vanishing from their posts has not yet been investigated.

According to the ECP, an investigation into the RTS system collapse is underway but that the causes behind the disappearance of presiding officers will not be investigated because the ECP is aware of the reasons.