MCI, CDA at loggerheads over transfer, postings


ISLAMABAD: In what seems like a never-ending battle for resources and power, both CDA and the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad have again locked horns over powers of transfer postings in the Metropolitan Corporation by the Capital Development Authority’s Human Resource Directorate.

In a notification issued by HRD Directorate where the additional charge of Emergency and Disaster Management director was given to Muhammad Attaullah, Ali Ashgjer made deputy director (general estate), and Rosgan Khan made the director for the Labour Relations.

Within hours of the issuance of the notification, MCI Chief Metropolitan Officer Syed Najaf Iqbal issued two notifications that read that in reference to the some of the posting transfers made by CDA, all (MCI) formations are hereby directed that any posting/transfer orders issued by HRD Directorate of CDA shall not be implemented in MCI without approval of the mayor or the Chief Metropolitan Officer.

In a second letter addressed to the CDA chairman, the Chief Metropolitan Officer has written that it has already been made clear that CDA has no authority to postings/transfers, give additional or look after charge to anyone for MCI formations without prior approval of the CMI officer or the mayor. Adding that the posting transfer of Muhammad Ataullah, manager operations, as the director for the Emergency and Disaster Management on look after basis is a violation of the law.

“This is for your record and future guidelines that any postings/transfers made by the CDA in MCI would be a violation of the provisions of the ICT Local Government Act-2015; therefore no further postings and transfer shall be made in MCI without the explicit approval of the MCI,” reads the strongly-worded letter. It is pertinent to mention here that since the inception of the Metropolitan Corporation as many 23 directorates have been wholly or partially transferred to it back in June, 2016.

While two years back, an office order has been issued to the effect that 23 directorates of the Capital Development Authority have been fully transferred to the MCI and are given under the administrative control of the mayor. The CDA directorates have been transferred partially or wholly along with all rights, assets and liabilities according to the Islamabad Capital Territory Local Government Act, 2015 with immediate effect.