Govt fails to open health reform unit in Sindh


KARACHI: Sindh Health Department has failed to make the Health Sector Reforms Unit (HSRU) functional which was launched to bring reforms in the healthcare sector to control the prevalence of lethal diseases and build the capacity of health managers across the province.

The major responsibilities for establishment of HSRU was to introduce reforms  in health sector  by increasing coverage of vaccination, reduce maternal & neonatal deaths, enhance the capacity of lady health workers, up-grade working with dispensaries & basic health units, control malaria, dengue, Congo & other viruses, capacity building of officers and check & balance of health facilities runs under public-private partnership, but unfortunately the high-ups of the department could not materialise these policies in the province.

To run affairs of HSRU, the Health Department had employed a chief coordinator, four coordinators, reporting team and other staff which was to work under the leadership of then Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed.

Experts of HSRU had devised effective strategies of communication, manpower, compiled the data of essential drugs & employees and others in short time period. However, soon political appointments and nepotism had slowed down the reform activities after a change of health minister.

The HSRU was shut down in tenure of former health secretary Saeed Ahmed Mangnejo.

Later, Sindh Health Secretary Ahmed Baksh Narejo had announced that the HSRU will be made operational again but the promise has not materialised as yet despite the lapse of two years.