Askari Park management continued using ‘substandard’ equipment despite warnings


KARACHI: An evaluation performed by experts and officials has highlighted serious problems with the equipment, maintenance and operations at the Askari Amusement Park where a carousel collapse last month resulted in the death of a young girl, a local media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The evaluation report was presented by a team of experts constituted by the Sindh chief secretary. According to the report, the welding used at the carousel was of poor quality and the staff had previously marked it as “unsatisfactory” but the management continued to use it for commercial interests.

Blame was also laid on the “absence of proper rules and regulations.”

Furthermore, the report recommended that “Well defined standard operating procedure (SOP) of operation and maintenance of all rides should be prepared and followed as per international standards and regularly inspected by respective teams on those parameters”.

A teenage girl named Kashf Samad died and another 15 injured when the carousel at the Askari Amusement Park collapsed on July 15.