PM secretariat to also be shut down; Imran to operate out of small office near Aabpara market


In an unprecedented move in PM-designate Imran Khan’s austerity drive, the former has said that, in addition to not living in the PM House, he will also not work in the PM Secretariat.


Instead of that, he has chosen to operate out of a small office located near the Aabpara area of Islamabad.


“Yes, just the way I would be embarrassed to live in such a large PM House because my wife and I are just two people, I would also be embarrassed to work out of the PM Secretariat because the scope of my work…well, I could sign documents in a single room as well,” said Imran Khan, while speaking to reporters in his new office. The presser had only four reporters, because the office was too small to accommodate more.


Political analysts lauded the room. “Look, we all know what’s happened here, and thankfully, so does Imran Khan,” said Dr Mubasher Khattak, head of the political science department over the the Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. “Even if he didn’t come in the way he did, the provinces are where-it’s-at of government. The federal domains are only foreign policy, finance and defence, really.”


“Now that there is no more electioneering to be done, there will be nothing to do. I think he should take up a hobby to keep busy,” said Khattak. “I suggest a sport of some sort.”