Tanzeela Qambrani to be first ‘Sheedi’ woman to join Sindh Assembly


KARACHI: Tanzeela Qambrani from the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) will be the first Sindhi ‘Sheedi’ woman to be part of the provincial legislature.

According to a local media report, in Sindh, people with ancestry entrenches in Africa are still being discriminated against in various forms and Tanzeela is no exception, she received her share of prejudice from the society dominated by the feudal class.

A postgraduate in computer science from the University of Sindh, Tanzeela, 39, is the first ‘Sheedi’ who has returned to the Sindh Assembly on the PPP’s quota of reserved seats for women.

Tanzeela was nominated by the PPP to head the municipal committee in Matli in Badin district, which, was not accepted by ‘some influential people also from the party’.

With black complexion, big nose, curly hair and thick lips, Tanzeela would wear jeans and headscarf and “many of students would consider me as a Sudanese” and not many of them would pass pleasant comment about her in Sindhi.


Tanzeela’s father was a lawyer and mother got retired as a school headmistress.