MCI establishes flood relief cell due to monsoon season


ISLAMABAD: Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz while chairing a meeting at the Mayor Office announced the establishment of the flood relief cell by the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) to respond any emergency situation during the ongoing monsoon season.

The meeting was attended by the MCI chief officer and officers of the formations concerned. The participants were apprised that flood relief cell has been established to cope with any emergency situation during the monsoon season.

The mayor was informed that this cell was working under the administrative control of the director of the Emergency & Disaster Management (E&DM), while directorates of maintenance, environment, planning, enforcement, Municipal Administration, health services, electrical and mechanical, MPO and other formations are working as coordinator to address the complaints in systematic manner.

It was informed that the E&DM deputy director has been nominated as the focal person to keep liaison with other formations so that the complaints could be addressed at the earliest. The meeting was further apprised that the Environment Wing has removed the fallen trees and wild bushes from the surroundings of different nullahs to maintain the smooth flow of water.

The meeting was told that complaints received as result of the first rain spell were addressed promptly and untoward incident was reported. Relevant directorates were directed that the formation concerned for early completion of repair and maintenance of the roads and the drainage system to ensure smooth flow of rain water during the season.

The mayor directed the environment director to ensure complete removal of wild shrubs and trimming of grass. He has also directed the Sanitation Directorate to take measures for collection of garbage and solid waste lying on the sides of nullahs so that the rain water could flow smoothly.

Anser Aziz directed the formation concerned to warn the slum dwellers living near the nullahs and direct them to vacate the slums constructed along the nullahs to avoid damage in case of heavy rains. He directed the residents to disconnect all illegal derange connection which are directly flowing in the nullahs to avoid backflow in case of heavy rain.

He tasked the Health Services Directorate for spray and fumigation around the nullahs, ravines and other different areas. Emergency and Disaster Management director to ensure the availability of vehicles and staff round the clock. He also directed the City Sewerage Division to take measures for clearance of sewerage system and remove the hurdles to ensure smooth flow of rainwater.