KP police arrest two culprits involved in torturing, killing of animal


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) police on Saturday arrested two culprits involved in torturing, killing and making the video on an animal in Bannu.

A video emerged online showing a man shooting dead a helpless dog which is wrapped in the flag of a political party after which people condemned the heinous act of animal abuse.

The 45-second video begins with the camera focused on a white dog in the sand, wrapped in a PTI flag. Two men can be heard in the background speaking in a regional dialect, while the video continues to show the dog.

According to the KP police’s Facebook page: “Responding within 12 hours, #Bannu Police worked throughout the night to arrest 2 culprits at 6:45am involved in torturing, killing the animal and making the video of it.  #KPPolice thanks Social Media users for raising the issue.”

Talking to Pakistan Today, Bannu police official confirmed it stating that both convicts were arrested on Saturday and the gun has also been recovered.

The names of accused are Hazrat Umar and Naseerullah, the officer stated.