Senator Rehman Malik writes letter to ECP on alleged rigging


ISLAMABAD: Senate Committee for Interior Chairman and Coordinator for Election Security Senator Rehman Malik on Friday wrote a letter to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) and sought reply for allegations labeled by different political parties regarding alleged rigging.

The coordinator in the letter said the committee expressed dissatisfaction over the elections results since various political parties have expressed reservations over the polling process and alleged rigging.

The letter asked the ECP to remove reservations and complaints from the political parties. He, in the letter, mentioned that the political parties have objections over pushing their polling agents out from the polling rooms, depriving them of form 45 and delay in counting.

Rehman Malik asked from the ECP that despite the fixed time of polling results announcement why the delay occurred in the results announcement?

What were the technical reasons of fault in Transmission of Results System (TRS) and Results Management System (RMS) and why the fault created doubts in the minds of political parties’ workers and their leaders?

The letters further ask what the relevant authority didn’t assure the smooth operation of the system.


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