Rural Sindh votes anti-establishment by electing party that has governed it for half a century


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

THAR – By helping the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) form the provincial government, rural Sindh has once again told the powers that be that its vote is anti-establishment.

“Jeeye Bhutto,” chanted a voter from the PS-55 constituency in Tharparkar after casting his vote on Wedesday as he spoke to The Dependent.

“Jeeye Bhutto,” he replied after being asked about the PPP candidate Muhammad Qasim’s policies in the area, which the voter must’ve thought would result in an uplift in the region.

Analysts see the rural Sindh’s anti-establishment vote strengthening the PPP to a point where it can singlehandedly take on the all-powerful establishment.

“The fact that the PPP had a OPC of its own, while there was an MPC going on in Islamabad, shows that the party – thanks to the anti-establishment vote that it has mustered – will now singlehandedly take on the establishment itself,” a leading Karachi-based analyst said while talking to The Dependent.

Sources within the PPP, a party that has ruled the rural parts of the Sindh province for almost half a century, said that the party leadership feels that the win has shaken up the status quo.

“We are challenging the status quo by once again forming the provincial government in Sindh, once again thanks to the rural areas,” a leading PPP leader told The Dependent