Hamza Ali Abbasi, Farhan Saeed among other express joy on Imran Khan’s election win


As the results for 2018 general elections pour in, Imran Khan’s party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is reportedly in the lead. However, Pakistanis have already begun to celebrate ‘Naya Pakistan’ and have taken to the streets and social media to share their excitement. A plethora of Pakistani celebrities (the ones not in Canada) have also expressed their joy over the elections results.

Starting with Hamza Ali Abbasi of course, considering how tirelessly he campaigned for Imran Khan, who shared a picture with the man, Imran Khan himself, along which he wrote, “#ElectionResults. Wazir e Azam Pakistan Imran Khan…. Ya Allah tera shukkar hai.”

Abbasi couldn’t contain his excitement and has been taking to Twitter every couple of hours to share his emotions.

Farhan Saeed, who composed the official election song for the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf shared videos of himself celebrating on the streets of Lahore.


Moreso, taking to Twitter, he wrote, “Good Morning Pakistan, oh sorry Naya Pakistan. Just want to take a moment and say a big thank you to the people of KPK! You trusted him way before anyone else did and you did it again!
Pakistan is proud of KPK!”

Following Khan’s landmark speech, Farhan wrote, “To everyone who thought Imran Khan wasn’t the right choice, very humbly I ask you all to just listen to the first speech of everyone who was ever elected in Pak and then listen to this. Pakistan be proud, be happy and let’s be the nation he wants us to be!”

Humayun Saeed encouraged the citizens to take responsibility for change to follow.

“Now that Imran Khan has arrived, change too will follow, InshAllah. It’s not just his responsibility though, we — the citizens — must first and foremost bring change within ourselves by being responsible and honest. Let’s make Pakistan better, together,” he wrote.

The Hocane sisters Mawra and Urwa also shared their enthusiasm for ‘Naya Pakistan’ on Twitter.

Singer Bilal Khan who specially flew back to Pakistan for the elections shared a picture of himself and Khan on social media along which he wrote, “Congratulations to Imran Khan. Larho Mujhay has been popularly associated with Imran Khan and he said it was his favourite song but hearing the song play on TV right before today’s historical & epic speech of the new PM elect made it even more special for me. The 22 year struggle of Imran Khan is embodied in every word of the song and it is a lesson for all of us: never give up on your dream, whatever your dream maybe. Imran Khan, even aside from politics, is a Pakistani hero for his attitude towards life and his achievements. I will always feel proud that “Larho Mujhey” became such an anthem for Imran Khan and his movement for Naya Pakistan.”


Mahira Khan, who was unable to vote due to her commitments to the Hum Awards in Toronto, congratulated the Kaptaan and hoped for “a better, more tolerant and a greater Pakistan.”


Brother-sister duo Humaima Malick and Feroze Khan also supported Imran Khan in the elections. Sharing a picture of IK, Humaima wrote, “Humara Naya Pakistan hum sub ka Pakistan. Allah madad! This day will be remembered.”

Feroze Khan, who earlier said that he will be voting for the Kaptaan, wrote, “Getting that tingling feeling in my tummy! Everything’s about to change forever InshAllah! For the better only so proud of every single one of you out there who voted. Know your power you did it!”

Imran Abbas who drew irk from the film fraternity for questioning their decision to fly to Toronto for the Hum Awards wrote, “Naya Pakistan Mubarak…Extremely overwhelmed and moved to see the triumph of truth. IK, the man who stood against every tempest deserves all the applause. Pakistan Zindabad.”

Heartthrob Bilal Abbas Khan said, “‘Its not defeat that destroys you, it’s being demoralised by defeat that destroys you’. Giving up was never an option for him, never compromise on your dreams and never think you can’t do it. Congratulations Pakistan What a win.”

Osman Khalid Butt, who is very vocal about his thoughts on social media applauded Khan’s speech and termed it inspirational.

“What a nuanced, inclusive, progressive inaugural speech by Imran Khan. I think even his staunchest critics must have been surprised. Inspirational,” Butt wrote on Twitter.

Actor Bilal Ashraf congratulated everyone on “Naya Pakistan.”