EC announces the criteria of reserve seats


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan has fixed the quota for  reserved seat for women and minorities in provincial and national assemblies.

According to formula set by Election Commission, PTI would get 25 reserved  women seats whereas ,14 seat would go to  Pakistan Muslim League(N).PPP would have  two women seats while the minority seats expected to be 4 for PTI,2 for PML(N) and 1 for PPP.

According to the sources of Election Commission, the formula is ready for women and minorities under which   on every 4.5 of general seats will contain 1 woman seat in National Assembly while 27 general seats will contain will contain 1 minority seat.

PTI will receive a minority seat on getting 37 general seats in Punjab Assembly and a woman seat on 4.5 general seats in Sindh.

In the same way, in KP,PTI will get a specific woman seat on getting 4.5 general seats while a minority seat on 37 general seats.

The formula calculates Balochistan assembly as 17 general seats will give a minority seat while 4.5 general seats will give a female seat.

The Additional Director General of Election Commission Nadeem Qasim told the media that elections were contested on 840 seats of National and Provincial assemblies and 832 seats have been resulted.