Completely independent Imran picks sherwani colour without establishment’s interference


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

RAWALPINDI – While browsing through the WhatsApp images sent by his close friend and business associate Jehangir Khan Tareen, Pakistan’s Prime Minister elect Imran Khan late on Thursday night picked his preferred colour for the sherwani that he will be wearing during his inauguration as the PM, hacking sources have told The Dependent.

What was notable during these 12 minutes and 49 seconds that the took to go through 35 samples of sherwanis, with varying colours, was the fact that in no point was Khan interrupted by any message or call of coercion from the military establishment, which analysts believe signals a completely autonomous exercise of choice.

“The black one is the best,” Khan texted Tareen, who was seen ‘typing’ the next WhatsApp messages for at least four and a half minutes before eventually sending, “which black, dear?”

“The 5th last black one, JT” was the Prime Minister elect’s completely uninfluenced and independent opinion regarding an important political verdict, which is to decide the future of the democratically elected leader’s choice of clothes.

“Today, democracy has truly won,” said senior analyst and columnist Haroun Rasheed, commenting on the significant development.

“Those who said Imran Khan will be a puppet Prime Minister should just stop being RAW’s puppets themselves,” deriving a well-choreographed laughter from the TV host.