US State Department says looking forward to working with new govt

  • Appreciates participation by people in polls

  • Says concerned over ‘reports regarding limits on freedom of expression’

WASHINGTON: The United States State Department spokesperson on Thursday said that their country praises the courage of Pakistani people for their participation in July 25 elections, and will look for opportunities to work with the new government to advance security and stability in South Asia.

“As Pakistan’s elected leaders form a new government, the United States will look for opportunities to work with them to advance our goals of security, stability, and prosperity in South Asia,” the spokesperson said.

However, it was also that Washington is waiting for official results and expressed concern over reports regarding limits on freedom of expression before the polls.

“We recognize the courage of the Pakistani people, including many women voting for the first time, who participated in this important election and helped determine their country’s future,” the spokesperson said when reached for the U.S. reaction to the important democratic moment in Pakistan.

The Pakistani election on Wednesday took place in the wake a spate of terrorist bombings. The nationwide polls saw the emergence of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as the largest party.

In a victory speech, PTI chief Imran Khan said his government would like to have “mutually beneficial” relations with the United States and also expressed his support for efforts to find peace and stability in Afghanistan.




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