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New NA likely to be convened on August 11

  • New PM could be elected on August 15
  • Independents to join parties within 14 days of notification

ISLAMABAD: First session of the new National Assembly (NA) could be convened on August 11 and the new prime minister (PM) could be elected on August 15.

August 11 has historic significance for Pakistan since the founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah delivered his historic address in the first constituent assembly on the same day in 1947.

Well placed parliamentary sources said that the sitting of the new NA is bound to be convened within 21 days of the day of polls.

Outgoing NA Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq will chair the first meeting of the assembly where the new members of the house will take the oath of membership.

Caretaker PM Nasirul Mulk will summon the NA and for the purpose, he will a consign summary to President Mamnoon Hussain.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) is bound to notify new members of the national and provincial assemblies within 14 days of their election.

The members elected as independents would be asked to take a decision about joining a political party within three days of their notification.

Sources pointed out that the new NA speaker would be elected on the third day of the first session.

The process would be completed by the incumbent Speaker and the new speaker will supervise the election of the deputy speaker.

On the following day, the election of the prime minister will take place.

For the purpose, any member of the house could propose another member/leader of the party to be a candidate for the office.

In case of more than two candidates for the slot of the PM, the candidate who will win the majority in the house will be declared as PM.

In case NA Speaker Sadiq refuses to chair the first session, the president will designate the senior most parliamentarian to chair the inaugural session.

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