MMA star Conor McGregor back in court amid melee plea talks


NEW YORK: Mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor is due in court amid plea negotiations to resolve charges stemming from a backstage melee at a New York City arena.

The 30-year-old Irish fighter is expected to be joined Thursday in Brooklyn by his 25-year-old friend and co-defendant Cian (KEE’-uhn) Cowley.

The video showed what appeared to be McGregor hurling a hand truck at a bus full of fighters after a news conference for the UFC 223 event at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in April.

Two fighters hurt by the broken glass were unable to compete.

McGregor has expressed regret, saying after his last court appearance in June that he understood the seriousness of the matter and hoped to resolve it soon.

Last week, he attended the World Cup final as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s guest.