Bilal Khan, Vasay Chaudhry fly back to Pakistan for elections


In midst of the Hum Awards controversy and calls for boycotting those actors who are currently fulfilling their professional duties in Toronto, actor-singer Bilal Khan and actor Vasay Chaudhry have proven themselves to be model citizens by flying back to the country especially to fulfill their civic duties.

In an Instagram post, Bilal revealed that he flew back from Toronto a week ago to participate in the General Elections 2018 and will be flying later in the day back to Toronto. He added that though it was easier for him to stay there, he decided not to because he felt it was his responsibility to come back and not let his vote go waste.

Later, as he ran to catch his flight back to Toronto, he shared a picture of himself with his inked thumb and urged everyone to go out and vote.

Similarly, Vasay Chaudry revealed that he took a 14-hour flight back to Pakistan to vote. However, he did not specify from where.

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Samina Peerzada who are also scheduled to participate in the Hum Awards did not go to Toronto as yet and stayed back to cast their vote. Both of them shared their inked thumbs on social media.

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