Keeping Bhutto alive, PPP brings ‘fake Benazir’ to attract crowd


In a rather new tactic to attract the crowd during the election campaign of 2018 polls, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) local leadership brought a ‘fake’ Benazir Bhutto.

A video circulating on social media shows a female individual, impersonating the late PPP chairman during a public rally of the party. A recorded audio of slain Benazir Bhutto’s speech is being played in the background while the “fake” BB is mimicking the body postures of Benazir.

The individual on the stage is in the complete attire of Benazir, with her glasses, dupatta and dress.

The interesting thing in the video is people are still cheering the speech and the impersonator on stage as people standing around the actress are making videos and raising slogans of PPP and Benazir Bhutto.