Pakistani expats in UAE travel home to cast votes


Pakistanis residing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are excited to vote in the upcoming general elections as they are as energetic as any other patriotic Pakistani.

Many have travelled or planning to fly from across the world to reach home in time and cast their vote in the 2018 polls on July 25.

Mohammed Amin Sargana, a Dubai resident and focal person for Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) who travelled to Lahore on Monday told Khaleej Times that his entire family would vote for different political parties. “I am a die-hard supporter of PPP and will vote for it because that political party has done a lot for me,” he said.

But this time, Sargana will not cast his vote because PPP has no candidate in Jhang, Punjab, where Sargana’s vote is registered. His wife, however, is a supporter of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N). “My entire family supports this party due to caste and family reasons, so my vote will be for this party only,” she said.

Their son, Arsalan Amin, 21, is a supporter of Imran Khan, head of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) and will be voting for the former cricketer for the first time.

Syed Muntasir Baqir, 30, who also specifically traveled to cast his vote, said that he would vote for PTI. “Last time I had voted for the PML-N but this time I want change,” said the safety officer who has been in Dubai for three years. He said, “I think this time, the elections will be held in a free and fair manner.”

Shahid Jamil, who travelled to Dubai for business and was traveling back to Lahore, said that he will vote for PTI. “We all want change,” said Shahid who voted last time in 2013. “This time, the elections are different and we want to vote for better health and better laws to bring the change,” he said.

Maryam Waqas, 22, who was on a visit to Dubai and traveling back in time to cast her vote said that she will vote for PTI. “My entire family supports Imran Khan and we will be voting for him,” she said.

Travelling all the way from the US, Rubab Farhat, 29, said her vote was for PTI. “Imran has a way with youngsters and he shows us the way forward. We hope for change and, therefore, my vote is for Imran,” she said.

Kanwal, 28, who returned to Pakistan after a year and a half, said that she was going to vote for PTI. “I voted for him last time as well and will do so this time too,” she said. “Imran Khan speaks the truth and is not corrupt. He said he will put Nawaz Sharif in jail and he has done that. He does what he says so my vote is for him,” she added.