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‘Teefa in Trouble’ takes you on a hysterically entertaining ride

The much-awaited and much-hyped movie, ‘Teefa in Trouble’ released nationwide this weekend. The team that gave us comedic work like ‘Kollege Jeans’ and ‘Video Junction’ in the 2000s are behind this very venture and they have once again successfully created the comic scenes, lines, situations and most importantly the delivery of the dialogues in a manner that was the hallmark of the aforementioned programs.

‘Teefa’ is simply a fun ride with its quirky and witty dialogues, with the perfect humour showcased by all the actors, even the supporting actors. The next best thing about the movie was the music, which is beautifully done by Ali Zafar himself as they gel in with each situation and were not overdone, as seen previously.

This is the first directorial venture of Ahsan Rahim into the big screen. He is known to be an avid ad and music videos director. Rahim has directed videos for singers like Shehzad Roy, Haroon, Jawad Ahmed and Ali Zafar, especially during the 2000s. These music videos and adverts showed his skills and talent as a director.

The two and half hours you spend in the cinema watching Teefa is definitely worthwhile, although the story is predictable with no major twists, one bonus is that because of the flow, you do not get bored.

This is an example that the writer and director have done their jobs rather perfectly. The story is about Teefa (Ali Zafar)-who believes in the power of money and is a small-scale gangster, who worked for a local businessman Butt Sahab (Mehmood Aslam) as ‘freelance’. He is assigned a task to bring back Anya (Maya Ali) from Poland-who is also the daughter of his best friend Bashira/Bonzo (Javed Sheikh)-so he can marry her with his beloved son Billu Butt.

This follows a series of comic and action-packed sequences involving the bodyguards of Bonzo, Butt Sahab and most importantly Tony (Faisal Qureshi). Qureshi has played the role of Ali Zafar’s friend and has done justice to his character through his comedy and dialogue delivery.

As a moviegoer, you should not expect any ‘deepness’ or some ‘philosophical backdrop’ in the story because it is a full entertainment package, or as they call it a ‘desi-masala’ movie, all topped with the right ingredients.

The action sequences are not over the top like most of the Bollywood movies-as they have been orchestrated in a rather convincing manner. You do not see any flying cars, the hero bashing the villain and knocking him out with just one punch. It is safe to say that the action sequences are well thought of and shot, which I was expecting from Ahsan Rahim.

Furthermore, another positive aspect of the movie is its cinematography, which by the way is beautiful. The shots were taken in Poland-both in the city and rural areas. The breathtaking scenes, especially the sunrise shots -the golden hour- are splendid. Along with that, the director has shown the old Lahore in its full traditional colours and style, which gives it a very ‘desi-modern fusion’ feel to it.

Finally, the music, as mentioned earlier was amazing. From the party number ‘Item Number’ to the romantic ‘Chann Ve’ everything was perfect. The songs also include Sajna Door and Ishq Nachaunda.

The shot at the lake for the track ‘Chann Ve’ was a treat for both ears and the eyes.

In short, if you are up for a light entertainment and fun-filled ride, ‘Teefa’ is definitely the movie you should be watching soon.

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