Punjab govt clarifies its position in AG removal case


LAHORE: Following reports claiming that the caretaker Punjab government had reversed its decision of removing former Punjab advocate general (AG) Asma Hamid terming it as a “mistake” and accepting her resignation instead, the interim setup has clarified that question of her resignation did not arise after the notification where-under she ceased to hold the office AG.

“In her letter (WP No 221524/2018) to the governor, Asma has resigned from the office of AG on the condition that the notification removing her from office is superseded by another notification which goes to accept her resignation,” said a letter issued by the Law secretary on July 11.

It further stated that a resignation for its acceptance should be unconditional and following the issuance of the earlier notification, any question of her resignation did not arise. “Nonetheless, the chief minister may consider her request for suppression of the notification by another notification to accept her resignation.”

“Should the chief minister be pleased to give kind consideration to Asma Hamid’s resignation, he may advise the governor in terms of Article 140 read with Article 105 of the Constitution to accept her resignation w.e.f. July 20, 2018, in supersession of the earlier notification,” concluded the letter.


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