‘GO OUT AND VOTE’: Ali Gul Pir talks about his new song ‘Paris’


LAHORE: Ali Gul Pir has made a mark in the Pakistani industry as a rapper, comedian and an actor. He gained popularity amongst the youth with his first single ‘Waderai Ka Beta‘ and there has been no looking back for him since then.

With elections just around, Ali Gul Pir released a new song titled ‘Paris’ talking about claims made by the PML-N to transform Lahore into the French capital and urges people to ‘Go out and vote’.

With this satirical number, he explores the various ways politicians have manipulated the populace for their own gains and most importantly highlights the significance of casting your vote on July 25 i.e. the Election Day in Pakistan. Thus, the release of the song was close to the Election Day as well.

Pakistan Today got in touch with Ali Gul Pir recently to find out more about his new song and a lot more.

 – Tell us a little about Ali Gul Pir, to begin with.

Ali Gul Pir (AGP): Ali Gul Pir is a human who likes to make other human beings laugh. In pursuit of that, he does silly things in a smart way. Most importantly he tries to convey a positive message for the betterment of the society and country by large with his work.

– You gained popularity from ‘Waderai Ka Beta’, how has the journey been since then?

AGP: The journey has been great! I started with ‘Waderai Ka Beta’ and today I make songs, satirical videos, do theatre and perform live to name a few things. It is safe to say that things have definitely evolved. It has indeed been a great journey and I hope it takes me further to do bigger and better projects!

– Tell us a little about the concept behind your new song ‘Paris’. What was the concept behind the video?

AGP: The song is a pun on when the Sharifs’ called Lahore, Paris. It basically makes fun of all the politicians and highlights the importance to vote during the upcoming elections.

There’s some comedy and the main message is to vote on July 25. Through this song, I have tried to highlight the importance of casting your vote on the Election Day, as this must be highlighted in the media as much as possible. It is very important to vote for whoever you want to as July 25 is an important day for Pakistan.

As far as the concept of the video is concerned, I have tried doing something different this time and you’ll have to watch it to understand the concept of the video better.

–  What sort of response are you expecting?

AGP: The song and the video is very unique; I hope my fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed working on it.

As an artist, I believe you should continue doing experimental work and should not settle for something less than perfect.

– Any challenges you faced while shooting the video?

AGP: No I didn’t face any challenges. When people will watch the video, they will be able to tell that this is not my typical style of video. I have been very experimental and unconventional with Paris. I wanted to do something fun and innovative to convey a positive message to the people.

– You have these satirical lyrics going on in your songs, how do you come up with the lyrics? What the entire process that goes into writing and making a song?

AGP: I just take an issue that is very serious and highlight it in a light, comic way. I, personally enjoy this style of music.

The process is simple, as I take an issue and highlight it without burning tiers.

– Rapping and satirical genre is rarely explored in music in Pakistan. Why do you think that is? What could be done to change that?

AGP: Well, rap has been around in Pakistan, I remember when Fakhar-e-Alam did Punjabi Bhangra rap.

However, yes, this genre hasn’t been explored much.

Since 2012, there have been a few rappers that have come out in the local music scene. It’s picking up and I hope people use it smartly since it’s a form of expression that talks about resistance, justice and equality.

– Future projects?

AGP: I am working on songs and hopefully by end of the year I will release more of that. As of now, I am doing an unconventional talk show for Iflix ‘Ghareeb aur Badtameez’ where I interview celebrities.