Two girls including one disabled raped in Punjab


MULTAN/SHEIKHUPURA: Two girls including a disabled one became the victims of rape on Saturday in separate incidents of sexual violence in Multan and Sheikhupura, cities of Punjab province.

According to details, a 19-year-old girl became the victim of gang-raping when three suspects attacked her on gunpoint in Shujabad subdivision of Multan.

The teenager was raped in ‘Ganji Basti’ area of Shujabad. According to police, a medical report verifies the assault.

According to the family, the suspects barged into the house and assaulted the girl on gun-point.

After the incident, police have registered the case against the three suspects and has started a search operation to arrest them.

Meanwhile, in another incident of sexual violence in Sheikhupur, a youth raped a disabled teenage girl on Saturday. The police have arrested the accused and said that the accused barged into the house of his neighbours and raped their 12-year-old disabled daughter when she was alone in Sharqpur area of Sheikhupura.

The girl was hospitalised and is said to be in critical condition. The police after arresting the accused, registered a case against him and are further investigating the case.


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