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Khuhro says forming govt or sitting in opposition depends on elections result

LARKANA: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Sindh President Nisar Ahmad Khuhro on Saturday said that after election results, it would be decided whether to form a coalition government or sit in the opposition in Sindh and Center.

“We hope we will form the government in Sindh solely and at centre, however, a coalition government could be formed too,” he said while addressing a press conference at Larkana Press Club.

Khuhro said forming coalition government is part of democracy specially when political parties do not attain a majority, and there is no harm to form a coalition government.

However, he said after the announcement of election results, the final decision would be made about forming joint government at the provincial and federal level, adding that PPP will not be hesitant to sit in the opposition in case there is such a situation.

He said people are aware and they can decide whom to vote on polling day, saying that anti-PPP forces will be aware of their fate after July 25.

Khuhro said Bhasha Dam may be constructed on the upper side of Tarbella Dam not after it but “it should be specifically for producing electricity purposes only and not for irrigation purposes”. He said dictator government wasted nine years for building Bhasha Dam.

Khuhro said that Kalabagh Dam had already been rejected by three assemblies because it was poisonous for three provinces. Hence, he added, it should not be allowed to be constructed.

He said free, fair and transparent elections should be held and there should not be any dishonesty in the election results. He said running an election campaign is the right of every political party but PPP is being halted which will be a question mark on holding of free and fair elections.

Khuhro disclosed the PPP chairman would arrive in Larkana tonight and lead his election campaign for NA-200 himself and other party candidates here and in the adjoining districts. He concluded by saying that democracy and Sindh would be saved at all costs from all conspiracies.

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