Is NA-189 all set to be a walk in the park for PTI?

  • The disenchantment of people with PML-N and former rulers make them tilt towards PTI

TOUNSA SHARIF: Currently in Tounsa Shariff, known as the city of Saints, the election has become a deep and divisive passion. Once politics of personalities ruled the roost here, however, now the politics of ideology dominates the place. One major reason for this is the bad performance of successive governments especially Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) whose negligence to provide the basic facilities to people of South Punjab has caused discontent among masses. People of adjacent areas are still living in ancient ages. Now the hopes of the people are with PTI as the party has made inroads in the hearts of people.

Under the fresh delimitations, previous NA- 171 has now become NA-189 DG Khan -1. As per details provided by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), the total number of registered voters in NA-189 is 723,159.

The number of polling stations is 271 with 310 female booths and 363 for the males. This constituency of DG Khan is spread to mountainous areas of Koh e Suleman. Sardar Amjad Farooq Khosa was elected as a member of National Assembly in 2013 from this constituency but now he left this constituency and contesting election from NA-190. Under new delimitations, many union councils, from where Amjad Khosa won with a heavy majority, are not now in this constituency, while in the rest of constituency Khuwaja Sheraz reigns supreme.

Interestingly there is no candidate of PML-N in NA 189. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) candidate Khawaja Sheraz Mehmood is all set to contest against Jamshed Ahmad Dasti head of Awami Raj Party. According to the public opinion, the PTI candidate is getting a lot of popularity in this constituency. With the support of Peer of Tounsa Sharif, Khuwaja Abdul Manaf and Khwaja Sheraz seem to lead the race.

Khuwaja Sheraz Mehmood talking to Pakistan Today, said that his first priority is to make Tounsa District and Vehoa its Tehsil. ‘That is, in my opinion, the only way to end the misery and demand of our people. By doing so, we will end up the deprivation of this constituency,” he said,  adding that the N-League and former MNA Amjad Khosa have always committed false promises to the people of his constituency.

Notables of UC Vehoa, like Ghulam Mujtaba Zafar Leghari and President Aman Development organization and Chairman Market Committee Ashraf Mehmood Leghari, claim that Vehoa is with Khuwaja Sheraz and he will be successful with a heavy majority.


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