Printing press reaping huge profits as election season on its peak


ISLAMABAD: The country’s printing industry is reaping huge profits as thousands of printers, publishers, advertisers and graphic designers have been swamped with orders for printing election-related material for the general election 2018.

A report aired by a private news channel said that the upcoming elections have resulted in a boom for printing factories as political parties have been ordering them to produce their flags in bulk. In the well-known flag printing factories, work continues these days in several shifts for 24 hours.

“These days, printers are receiving printing orders mostly from the polling agents, who usually play a key role in attracting investment for their blue-eyed ones, “A citizen Javed Kamran said, adding scores of printers and graphic designers are associated with the business in the country.

These posters, flags and stickers are usually displayed on electric poles in front of election camps of the candidates and on rear windscreens of motor vehicles to muster support for the candidates as well as project the supporters.

An atmosphere of national enthusiasm runs through the narrow streets of this area. Those with printing-related skills are in high demand as workload demands more hands to meet the orders, said an owner of printing press business.

A printer Asif Shahzad has expressed his joy on this extraordinary surge in demand for the stuff like political party National Flag, stickers with pictures of electoral candidates.

A shopkeeper Asad Raza said that everyone, especially young people are purchasing different items to decorate their homes, bikes, cars and even offices. The additional workforce has already been hired to meet the demand.

“We have been printing Flags, pamphlets and stickers since June 1 and booming business is expected to continue for another few days,” said Ishfaq Naeem, a printer in Rawalpindi.

He said he has hired additional workers to meet the orders placed by supporters and candidates.