Imran Khan biopic likely to release in 2018


KARACHI: Kaptaan, a biopic on cricket legend Imran Khan, is all set for release this year after being in the making for over six years.

A trailer of the film was first released in 2013. Delays in the film have been attributed to not having the right crew and director, however, it will soon be seeing the light of day.

Abdul Mannan and Saeeda Imtiaz, the lead actors of the film while speaking to the media said, “Finally it’s done and the wait is over. The new people (crew and director) will take this movie to the next level so the delay is like a blessing in disguise.”

“Portraying Imran Khan was not easy for me in the beginning but slowly I got into the character and it was an amazing experience,” Mannan said about playing the role of one of Pakistan’s most popular people these days.

“There was an uncanny physical resemblance but I knew I still had a long way to go. I had to emulate his mannerisms, gait, speech. I spent a day with him just to observe,” he said.

Kaptaan has nothing to do with elections. It’s a film purely on his personal life, like his life spent with Jemima and politics, but not the other wives that he has at the moment. There are a lot of things that people might not know and they’ll find out because of the film,” he further added.

Speaking about the effort put into the film and why it took so long to release, Saeeda said that each and every detail has been worked on.

“There was a scene because of which Mannan and I did not sleep for 24 hours straight. The timings of the scenes were crucial so, we were working overtime. We still talk about how proud we are of ourselves for making it all happen,” she said.


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