FAPUAOA demands action against violation of KP Universities Act


PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Federation of the Public Sector Universities Administrative Officers Association (FAPUAOA) has requested KP Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra and Chief Minister Justice (r) Dost Muhammad to take notice of the violations of KP Universities Act being committed in the public sector universities.

The federation, in a communiqué, has stated that most of the varsities have been found guilty of violating section 17-A of the act and have posted teachers on administrative positions. According to section 17-A, no teacher and employees other than administrative officers can be posted on the administrative positions, said a press release issued here on Sunday.

However, to favour certain factions and take illegal favours, teachers and other non-administrative officers have been posted on the administrative positions, which is not only a violation of the act but has resultantly also affected the academic performance of many departments and sections.

FAPUAOA President Muhammad Ilyas said that if the teachers were interested in getting administrative positions, they should forgo their teaching assignments and get appointed on these positions through open advertisement as prescribed in the act.

He said that the varsities were having serious academic and governance issues due to violation of the act and the government shall not allow few individuals to make a joke of the act passed by the provincial assembly.

Ilyas argued that some varsities were wrongly interpreting the act and were giving justification of the posting of teachers on administrative positions, ignoring an explicit provision of the act, which reveals their innate designs of not obeying the law.

The FAPUAOA president said that the university administrative officers were given representation in the university authorities’ i.e. the syndicate and senate in the act, but most of the universities were reluctant to hold their elections which was against the directives issued by KP governor wherein the universities were to fill constituencies of the university authorities on priority.

He further said that the promotions of administrative officers were long awaited in most of the universities and process on the same shall be completed immediately.

The federation in its communique has requested the government to take notice of the violations being committed by the universities and has called for stopping infringement of the rights of the administrative officers prescribed in the act.