Sanjay Dutt questions why anyone would spend INR300-400 million to glorify him


Though Bollywood Sanju has broken box-office records and has been well-received by the audiences with many showering praises on the lead actor, Ranbir Kapoor’s performance, many critics have called out the filmmakers for trying to ‘whitewash Dutt’s reputation’ and glorify him.

Speaking to Indian Today, Dutt addressed the issue by remarking, “I don’t think anyone would spend INR300-400 million to change one’s image. That is too much of an amount. I have told the truth and the truth has been accepted by India, and the box office collection shows that.”

Dutt also stated how hard it was for him to relive those tough times through Sanju.

“It was difficult; I was trying to hold back my emotions in the theatre. It is difficult to relive your life. After the film ended, I just broke down. I just couldn’t believe it. Ranbir was much, much better than the real Sanju.”

The film revealed that Dutt shared intimate relations with almost 350 women. On this matter, the actor said, “I just felt that the count must be 308. I haven’t kept count that way.”

Sanju has gone on to become one of the year’s highest-grossing films and has been a box-office hit.