PakPositive! CJP’s dam fund already achieves 0.00137785999 percent of required amount


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

In an amazing turn of events that traditional media sources will not tell you about, the CJP’s damn fund has already achieved 0.00137685999 percent of its target amount!

The new bump in the total came after former cricketer Shahid Afridi set an example for others by contributing 1.5 million rupees to the $15 billion project.

“All anyone will ever tell you about is how this is going to fail and how it makes no sense and that its probably a violation of some rule or the other. There’s so much negativity that everyone fails to mention the positives” said Shahid Afridi speaking to The Dependent after his act of charity.

“Nobody is talking about the great strides we have made since the Chief Justice announced this and how we have managed to pin down a fraction of what it’s going to cost to make these dams” he said.

“Tell me, has anything of the sort ever been done anywhere before? No of course not! So how can people just say it won’t work?” said a high level member of the agriculture department on condition of anonymity.

“As you can see it has already achieved 0.00137785999 percent of its goal. The only place to go now is up” he added.

“We will also contribute a few days of our salaries to this endeavor” he ended.