ECP issues directives to ROs for issuance of election results


ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has issued directives to the returning officers (RO’s) all over the country in connection with issuing the electoral results.

The ECP has sent letters to all RO’s stating that presiding officers will fill form 45 right after the counting of the votes on which the detail of votes cast in favour of the candidates will be mentioned and the details of remaining ballot papers will be mentioned in form 46.

Directives have also been issued that the verified copy of electoral results be issued to the candidates at the spot after the completion of counting votes and a copy of results can also be given to the polling agent who is present over there.

It was further stated in the letter that the presiding officer will be bound to pack all the electoral material in a packet and send it to RO after the arrangements of results. He will set the time and place by issuing written notices to the candidates and the agents of the candidates after arranging the results.

The letter also stated that the presiding officer will also include the details of postal ballots and results sent to officers will be filed in the presence of the candidates and their agents.

This process will be started at the end of polling day without any delay.

The ECP has also mentioned in the letter that RO’s will be bound to tell the related authorities about the remaining ballot papers before compiling the result.