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NAB chief says economy won’t be affected by efforts to retrieve ‘stolen wealth’

QUETTA: The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) will take measures to bring back Pakistan’s stolen wealth without causing any damage to the economy, the accountability watchdog’s chief Justice (r) Javed Iqbal said on Wednesday.

While addressing an event, the NAB chief said that he would not let anything become an obstacle in NAB’s commitment to rooting out corruption.

“NAB is performing its duty to root out corruption in a transparent manner. [The bureau] has no need to interfere in politics or elections, it has no need to carry out vengeful activities [against anyone],” he said while dismissing allegations against the anti-graft body as “baseless”.

He added that the bureau itself received around 250 complaints against corruption on a daily basis.

“It is time to unite against corruption,” he observed.

“Accountability will be from the top, and it will be indiscriminate. No obstacles will be tolerated in our [mission] to eliminate the cancer of corruption,” emphasised the chairman.

“Billions of rupees had been looted from the country and stowed away abroad,” he stated in regret while vowing that the watchdog was performing at its best to bring back the country’s stolen wealth.

Furthermore, Justice Javed said that an investigation will be initiated against two top Balochistan ministers after the general elections on July 25.

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