Indian army chief passes directives to control corruption in forces


NEW DELHI: The Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat has given a list of directives to the Indian Army to improve discipline and prevent corruption within rank and file, Times of India reported on Wednesday.

The directives include controlling flamboyant events, avert misuse of liquor available at government owned stories and prevent sycophancy. The army chief also added that punishments would be handed down to those involved in immoral activities.

While some commentators have lauded the directives as efforts to improve the ‘internal health’ of the army, other have criticised Rawat of ‘succumbing to government pressure’.

Rawat is reportedly attempting to control the daily operating costs of the Indian army so funds could be diverted for weapons procurement.

The Indian army chief also expressed concern over the declining standards of physical fitness in the army and passed directives to provide a healthy diet for the troops.